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BlingCoupons.com is a niche coupon website offering coupons on the internet for "everything bling" (categories - jewelry, accessories, watches, clothing, extreme bling & more). We are called an Affiliate/Publisher and the individual websites we promote are called Merchants. With so many merchants on the internet, it is necessary to work with several merchant platforms to find websites that appeal to our target market. For more information about our target market, please refer to "About Us". When we post a merchant store on BlingCoupons.com, we may receive a small commission on the sale of an order from that particular merchant for driving business to their website or we may receive a monthly flat fee from them for advertising on our website.  BlingCoupons.com will not post thousands of coupons but only those we deem as websites that represent "bling appeal".  

Should BlingCoupons.com appear in the media (newspaper, TV, radio or on a website/blog), we are not endorsing that medium. We simply are receiving publicity to bring awareness to our company on the web.

All information provided on BlingCoupons.com is for informational purposes only. If we discover that a deal was incorrectly posted (typo, coupon expired, etc.) we will update or remove the offer immediately. Rest assured, we always try our best to ensure each offer is valid. However, we are not responsible if a merchant store does not honor a promotional code/coupon code. One reason could be that the merchant store may have run out of inventory and took down the offer without our knowing. BlingCoupons.com makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of any information and will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information or any damages arising from its display or use. BlingCoupons.com is also not responsible for any customer service issues that arise with any merchants on our website. We do not warehouse or ship product directly to the consumer and cannot be held liable for cancelled orders, damaged orders, shipments not received, or any other issues between customer and merchant. 

BlingCoupons.com will use at times your personal information not only to analyze results for our business but to allow you access into our forums/blogs. We will not send you emails unless you signup for our newsletter or choose to receive emails from us. Since we work with merchants, upon your visiting their websites through BlingCoupons.com, they may place a cookie on your computer for a period of time to compile information about their visitors. Feel free to clear your cookies or disable cookies at any time but be aware that by disabling cookies, you may not be able to access BlingCoupons.com or other websites that require you to have cookies turned on to visit their websites. Any personal information you share with Merchants is between you and them. 

This website is owned and operated by Devine Online, Owner, Dawn Goodell. Views and opinions expressed on BlingCoupons.com are purely my own or those of my employees. We, again, do not endorse any products or assume any responsibility on information, products and/or services found on any external sites.